BrainPower SYNC



The growing mobility trend has forced businesses to look out for the right solution which can provide anytime, anywhere access to all their files with automatic online file synchronisation. Businesses need a solution that would accelerate productivity and improve flexibility by enabling their employees to start work on their office PC, continue on their Android or iOS smartphones/tablets and finish it on their Mac at home, saving time and money.

BrainPower SYNC Datasheet

Store & Sync

BrainPower SYNC is a scalable, flexible and cost effective online file storage solution designed for businesses to store, sync and access their files, office documents, and all other business content in a secure environment without making expensive investments in file servers, tape backup, or FTP and VPN setups.

File Sharing

BrainPower SYNC lets you share your business files quickly, easily and securely with your co-workers, colleagues, clients and external partners. It also provides the ability to manage any number of file versions along with the option to download or restore to any previous file versions.

File Collaboration

BrainPower SYNC provides a secure file collaboration solution that addresses online file storage, sharing and collaboration needs of businesses while enabling teams to access and work on files from any location, whether in the office or at home or on the go.

AD Integration

BrainPower SYNC allows the IT administrator to integrate with Active Directory Service to manage all their users, setup the accounts, authenticate users and create groups within the application in a centralized portal.


BrainPower SYNC provides the ability to securely access all your content and share files from any iOS (iPhone, iPad), Android (Smartphones, Tablets) or from any other mobile devices using the rich HTML5-powered mobile website. It puts all of your content from all your workstations right at your fingertips – anytime, anywhere.

Anytime Anywhere Access

Synchronise files via the BrainPower cloud to ensure that you have access to your contents across mobile, desktop and laptop devices, online and offline without worrying about server restrictions or internal firewall.

Cloud Enabled

BrainPower SYNC combines the ease of use business users want along with the IT controls, security and administration that enterprises require, eliminating the burden of provisioning new hardware, increasing storage, updating operating systems and maintaining network infrastructure.

Central Web Console

BrainPower SYNC provides an intuitive management console for IT Admins to provision users & groups, manage storage quotas and enables oversight on user activity using comprehensive audit trails.